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Album Update

Posted on May 14th, 2002 by administrator

The final master for Illusion of Joy’s debut album was completed today, with Claude Aldous being the man behind the mastering. Entitled Bitter, you can expect a release date for this follow-up to the Crystalline EP to be set for late this year or early 2003. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Angel; Non-Possessive
  2. Billie Jo
  3. Take Off Your Inhibitions
  4. Rebound Bitch
  5. Fractal Heart
  6. Limbo
  7. The Satellite
  8. Ebony
  9. Angel; Reprise

More information shall come as I deign to volunteer it.

Website Update, Etc.

Posted on May 7th, 2002 by administrator

As you may have noticed, the site has been completely redesigned. Suffice it to say, having tables on every page made updates cumbersome at best, which made me less likely to do them. While frames are often the work of forces of evil in the world of cyberspace, they also allow for simply “plugging in” what is needed when it’s needed. Also, the addition of Blogger, a nifty little web toy that has become quite popular in recent months should make it so that updating this site is intriguing, instead of irking.

In case you haven’t stopped by there in a while, you can now buy copies of Crystalline via the page. You can also stream the files that are posted there, thus keeping their hit count up (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

If you find yourself in Pittsburgh this weekend, stop by club Laga for Ceremony. Rumour has it that they may be spinning “Isolation” or “Redefining Life” there as well as a couple of tracks by Masochist Monkey Circus. Even if not, they still play some really cool stuff and it’s worth going to anyhow.


Posted on May 5th, 2002 by administrator

I usually wouldn’t post one of these online quiz results in this particular forum, however in this case I will make an exception, as it allows me the chance to display more of Pamela Pagayonan‘s artwork on this site. As you may recall, her work was used as the cover art for Crystalline. I’m quite the fan. In any case, here are my results:

my blackdaisies character

You are Violencia. You are a strong person, both in personality and physicality, who isn’t afraid to let your friends and partners know exactly what you wants, and that you’ll probably have your way. There is no bullshitting about you, you go right for the prize whatever the prize might be. You’re dominating in relationships, you probably initiate wanton acts of sexual carnage and you’re open about it all. “On your knees, bitch” is probably a phrase you use regularly.

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