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Upcoming Inquisition CD Release Event

Posted on October 24th, 2011 by administrator

Illusion of Joy’s fourth full-length album, No One Expects An Inquisition will be getting a proper launch on Friday, November 18th, 7:00PM at Cannon Coffee in Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighbourhood. This homecoming show is the fourth in a line of upcoming performances where Inquisition is being played in it’s entirety. Here’s the updated schedule:

When? Where? What?
Thursday, October 27th – 7:30PM Hurley’s – Potsdam, NY Free to students/$3 at door; all ages
Saturday, November 12th – 8:00PM The Shop – Ithaca, NY Free; all ages
Sunday, November 13th – 3:00PM Moon & River Café – Schenectady, NY Free; all ages
Friday, November 18th – 7:00PM Cannon Coffee – Pittsburgh, PA Free; all ages

CD coverIn addition, while the official release date for No One Expects An Inquisition remains Tuesday, November 8th, the album is already available for purchase on The official release date applies to purchases made through CD Baby, iTunes and more discriminating brick and mortar retailers. November 8th is also the date that discriminating college and community radio stations should add Inquisition to their playlists.

One might ask why this album is available for purchase – and yes, it is an actual purchase, not a pre-order – in advance of it’s “official” release date. The answer is simple: in this age where information is immediate and a digital download is a click away, it makes no sense for an independent musician to sit on a product that has already been manufactured. As such, the merch section of was updated to contain Inquisition and it’s associated schwag within hours of the shipment from Sire Press being received.

Performances in New York

Posted on October 12th, 2011 by administrator

Illusion of Joy will be playing a few shows in New York in the next few weeks. Specifically, there are three performances currently scheduled in the Empire State.

The first of these will be at Hurley’s Nightclub on the SUNY Potsdam campus Thursday, October 27th. Once again, Illusion of Joy will grace or defile the Hurley’s stage as the opening act for their annual Halloween open mic. The show begins at 7:00PM and is open to all ages. And unless somebody has been walking around with a smouldering bundle of sage, Lehman Hall is still haunted.

The second show occurs Saturday, November 12th at The Shop in Ithaca. Boston group Ellis Ashbrook will be headlining this all ages show with Illusion of Joy opening for them at 7:00PM.

Finally, Illusion of Joy heads to New York’s Capital Region on Sunday, November 13th for an early performance at Moon & River Café in Schenectady. Once again open to all ages, this show requires getting up a little earlier than one usually would on a weekend as it begins at 3:00PM. Come back to Moon & River Café at 7:30PM for The Rkstar Open Mic.

And there you have it – three shows just north of Illusion of Joy’s home base in Pennsylvania; a strange land where gay marriage is legal and the roads seem completely devoid of potholes. See below for driving, biking or walking directions:

When? Where? What?
Thursday, October 27th – 7:00PM Hurley’s – Potsdam, NY Free; all ages
Saturday, November 12th – 7:00PM The Shop – Ithaca, NY Opening for Ellis Ashbrook; all ages
Sunday, November 13th – 3:00PM Moon & River Café – Schenectady, NY Free; all ages

Release date set for Inquisition

Posted on October 11th, 2011 by administrator

No One Expects An Inquisition cover art

No One Expects An Inquisition cover art.

The release date has been set for the new Illusion of Joy album No One Expects An Inquisition. On Tuesday, November 8th, Inquisition will be available for purchase on compact disc or as a digital download. The track list is as follows:

  1. Triangle
  2. Impact
  3. What Might Have Been
  4. Vertical
  5. Amnestyville
  6. Retribution
  7. Resolution
  8. Lungless
  9. Two Thespians
  10. Ayn Rand Shrugged

This is the first full-length Illusion of Joy album to be released since The Forever Syndrome five years ago. Overall, No One Expects An Inquisition is the fourth album in the Illusion of Joy discography.