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December Merch Specials

Posted on November 30th, 2011 by administrator

The waning months of the year always seemed packed with holidays, December being the particular heavyweight of the bunch. If the media are to be believed, it matters not which December holiday one celebrates so long as one incurs a financial burden of some sort in doing so. The preferred way of inuring said financial burden is via the purchasing tokens of appreciation, bribes or – as they are most commonly known – gifts. As always, we here at the headquarters for all things Illusion of Joy have some humble suggestions…namely we humbly suggest you purchase everything available in the Merch section of this website.

“That’s wonderful,” you may be thinking, “but what’s in it for me?”

Glad you asked; indeed there is no “Black Friday” here, nor is there a “Cyber Monday.” Also, since there is no permanent physical presence, don’t make us laugh by mentioning “Small Business Saturday.” We here at the headquarters for all things Illusion of Joy prefer to buck convention while simultaneously cashing in on it. As such, these are the December specials which are actually beginning on Thursday, December 1st:

Download Cards

Long relegated to being an exclusive purchase available for those visiting the real merch table at a live Illusion of Joy performance, the download card for No One Expects An Inquisition will be available for purchase from the website. About the size of a credit card or store gift card, a download card is perfect as a stocking stuffer, for stuffing into a holiday card or for stuffing into any other space which one thinks needs a good stuffing.

Gift Wrap

Did you buy CDs for someone? Do you not want to wrap them yourself? We here at the headquarters for all things Illusion of Joy will do it for you – for free. Just make sure you say to do so before completing your order.

Free Shipping

Usually one has to purchase $20 of goods in order to get this perk. Throughout December, shipping charges have been lifted from everything in the Merch catalogue.

As always, everything is shipped via the United States Postal Service. If you need an item on a specific date, bear in mind that we can not make guarantees or overnight packages. Your best bet is to order early (two or more weeks in advance).

Happy celebrations for your holiday of choice.

No One Expects An Inquisition Released Today

Posted on November 8th, 2011 by administrator

This is it…

No One Expects An Inquisition

No One Expects An Inquisition
  1. Triangle
  2. Impact
  3. What Might Have Been
  4. Vertical
  5. Amnestyville
  6. Retribution
  7. Resolution
  8. Lungless
  9. Two Thespians
  10. Ayn Rand Shrugged

Illusion of Joy’s fourth full-length album overall and first since The Forever Syndrome, No One Expects An Inquisition is now available everywhere today. Five years in the making, No One Expects An Inquisition proves itself to be worth the wait, maintaining the expressive soundscapes and sly, clever lyrics of it’s predecessors while pressing forward with a stark awareness of today’s societal and political climes.

No One Expects An Inquisition features ten songs which have never been available as proper studio recordings before. While half of the songs on this release have been sneaked into Illusion of Joy’s live performances over the past few years, these are the definitive versions. Of particular interest will be live favourites such as the subversively sexy “Triangle” and the grippingly paranoid “Retribution.”

Available for purchase at live performances and exclusively through since late October, No One Expects An Inquisition is now available through numerous online vendors as well as discriminating record and music stores. If you haven’t already, today is a good day to pick up a copy.

And don’t forget that you can hear Inquisition performed live in it’s entirety at these upcoming shows:

When? Where? What?
Saturday, November 12th – 8:00PM The Shop – Ithaca, NY Free; all ages
Sunday, November 13th – 3:00PM Moon & River Café – Schenectady, NY Free; all ages
Friday, November 18th – 7:00PM Cannon Coffee – Pittsburgh, PA Free; all ages

Electronic Saviors 2 Tracklisting and Charities Announced

Posted on November 5th, 2011 by administrator

A massive musical undertaking for the cause of curing cancer, Electronic Saviors 2 has been pushing full steam ahead for the past several months. The project of Pittsburgh Goth/Industrial Promoter and cancer survivor Jim Semonik, this various artists boxed set will include eight discs worth of music and is slated for release in 2012. From the Electronic Saviors website:

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence is now in the final stages of production. The wonderful Da5id Din will start on the huge undertaking of mastering and Jeff Confer and Samantha Johnson will be starting the artwork and packaging design. It is with great joy that I wish to share the charities with you who we hope will be the beneficiaries of the sales of this wonderful body of work. We have researched many different charities with the help of some of the participating bands on this compilation. It has been decided at this time that Gilda’s Club/Cancer Support Community and The Bone Marrow Foundation is on our wish-list to send the proceeds to.

I want to thank everyone at Metropolis Records for allowing us to make this happen again. This will be a giant 6 disc box-set with 105 artists and 2 additional discs worth of digital tracks for a grand total of 141 tracks total. There will be a standard 6 CD edition, a deluxe digital edition only sold through Metropolis Records’ website as well as a premium edition which will include a physical double CD (high quality pressed cdr) of the 37 digital tracks for those that want them. The number of copies will be specified when we gauge how in demand these will be. We want this project to be a big success and everyone is working very hard to bring this to you in a way that will move every listener. All I can say is “WOW” when I listen to these tracks. We have a number of brand new tracks, new remixes and some tracks licensed from Europe that have never been on CD in the United States before.

Electronic Saviors Vol.2 Track Listing

Disc 1 Shock:

  1. Tenek — A World of No Relief
  2. Deathline Int’l — Inside
  3. Cancerface — Tumor Curbjob
  4. Panic Lift — Footsteps
  5. The Gothsicles — Who Wants to Join Our Super Hero Team (Right Now, It’s Just Me & Jim)
  6. Inertia — Deworld (New Day Mix)
  7. Santa Hates You — Pack Your Bags Honey, We’re Going To Hell! (Road Trip Remix)
  8. The Azoic — Corruption (Remix By Encoder)
  9. Rein[Forced] — Burnt
  10. Deathproof — Bitcrush
  11. [cYbEr.dYnE] — Nova
  12. Null Device — ClosingEyes
  13. Sonik Foundry — Relapse
  14. Left Spine Down — Stolen Car (B&E Mix)
  15. Detroit Diesel — Under Fire
  16. In Strict Confidence — Bitter Truth
  17. Edge Of Dawn — Lucid Dreams (Standeg Remix)
  18. Constance Rudert — The Harbour Song

Disc 2 Denial:

  1. Wreckcreation Featuring Dan Clark Of The Dark Clan — No Regrets
  2. Project Pitchfork — Lament (Electronic Saviors Remix)
  3. Solitary Experiments — Immortal (Icon of coil Mix By Sebastian Komor)
  4. Hypefactor — Descriptive
  5. Uberbyte Featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced] — Phantasm
  6. Mindless Faith — Tragedy
  7. Soil & Eclipse — The Will (Survival Mix)
  8. Suicide Commando — The Perils of Indifference (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Remix)
  9. Lowe — Mirage (Saviors Mix)
  10. CYLiX — I Don’t Exist
  11. I:scintilla — Swimmers Can Drown (Diabolic Art Mix)
  12. Inure — This is the Life (Cryogen Second Mix)
  13. TraKKtor — Hollow Spirits
  14. 23RAINYDAYS — Monster (V2)
  15. Accessory — Voran (Der Teufel im Spiegel Mix by Boole)
  16. Twilight Laboratory — Intention
  17. TERRORFAKT — Marching Into Valhalla

Disc 3 Anger:

  1. System Syn — Goddamn (Imperative Reaction Remix)
  3. Boole — Walpurgisnacht
  4. Ego Likeness — Infidel
  5. Binary Park — Worlds Collide (Saviors mix)
  6. Die Sektor — The Just Will Be Silenced
  7. Stiff Valentine — Suicide Execute
  8. head-less — Punish Your Head (Mental Discipline Remix)
  9. Ludovico Technique — This Life (Lexincrypt remix)
  10. Psy’Aviah — Sweet Hard Revenge (Fallon Nieves Rendition)
  11. Aesthetic Perfection — The Devil’s Is In The Details (Sthilmann Remix)
  12. Terminal Choice — Fight the System (Rabia Sorda Mix)
  13. Diverje — Suffer this world (Centhron Remix)
  14. am.psych — My Enemy
  15. The Rain Within — The Other Side
  16. UCNX — The Innocent ($150 Remix by Idiot Stare)
  17. Jon Zaremba — Snakes, You Get Out Of Here! This Is Not Your Room, This Is My Room. Now, You Just Get Out Of Here!

Disc 4 Bargaining:

  1. The Mighty Chouffe — Always This Heart
  2. Angels On Acid — Satellite
  3. Terrolokaust — Thirsty (V2.0)
  4. Ashbury Heights — Decent Cancer
  5. God Module — The Great Commandment
  6. Bella Morte — Lost
  7. Encoder — Shadows
  8. Alter Der Ruine — Ghosts (Swank Version)
  9. Militant — Sabotage
  10. Ghost & Writer — Hurricane (Splitter Mix)
  11. iVardensphere — Chasing The Dragon (Lost Tribe Version)
  12. Spetsnaz — Satiric Strokes
  13. Decree — Come and See
  14. SD6 — These Days (Single Mix)
  15. Distorted Memory — Hand Of God (Iszoloscope Remix)
  16. Cryogen Second — Thirty Eight (Featuring Sarah Chenoweth of Synapse)
  17. Trigger10d — Puddlehopping (Alternate Mix by Todd Aeschliman)
  18. Life Cried — Another Sacrifice (Rejected)

Disc 5 Depression:

  1. Mesh — You’ll Never Understand (Harder)
  2. The Dark Clan — Sick As Love
  3. Caustic — 1984 (Was A Very Bad Year)
  4. 16 Volt — Burn (Father Dub Mix)
  5. Empusa Featuring Miss FD — You
  6. Everything Goes Cold — King of the Impossible (Signal Drums Mix By The Dark Clan)
  7. Unit:187 — Second Class Citizen (JFS Mix) by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall)
  8. Blutengel — Where Will You Be?
  9. AimOniA — Surrender
  10. Patricia Wake Feat Dan Clark, Lane Ellen, John Verbos, and Jolexx — Your Love, My Medicine
  11. EsperMachine — Dying Life
  12. boxed warning — Paralyzed For Sleep
  13. Reaxion Guerrilla — Imperfexion Humana (Radio PerVersion)
  14. Cesium 137 — From Within (xrayhead Mix)
  15. Retrogramme — Share The Cancer
  16. N.T.T — If This Body Should Fail Me
  17. Necrotek — Beyond Death

Disc 6 Acceptance:

  1. Covenant Feat Necro Facility — Lightbringer (Speedrun II)
  2. Sensuous Enemy — Re:Mission
  3. Neuroactive — Never Felt Better (Recovery Mix)
  4. Nachtmahr — Can’t you feel the beat (Nitronoise Remix)
  5. Ayria Feat Jimmerz Semtex of Rein[Forced] & Jimmerz Cookas of I:Scintilla — Blue Alice (Jims Of The Flesh Mix)
  6. Syrian — Speed of Light (T3chn0ph0b1a Remix)
  7. Decoded Feedback — Resilience
  8. Obscenity Trial — Üeber’s Wasser Gehen ([:SITD:] Remix)
  9. XuberX — Terrible Strength
  10. Monody — InBetween (Irradiated Mix)
  11. Hocico — Embraced By The Light
  12. ThouShaltNot — New Year (A Heartbeat From The End)
  13. FGFC820 — The Heart Of America (Dräcos Mix)
  14. Interface — Inner Light (Featuring Liebchen)
  15. Terror Firma Sky — Music For Medicinal Purposes
  16. Agnes Wired For Sound — Silicone Sheets
  17. Society Burning — I Am The Man
  18. DYM — Tumor

Disc 7 Testing: (Digital / Premium Editions only)

  1. The Empty Stretcher — Nurturing Decay
  2. for all the emptiness — i die (revisionist mix by cyanotic)
  3. Antidote For Annie — Sanctuary (Refuge Mix)
  4. Joshua Hart — Silhouette
  5. Cyber Strukture — Ambivalent Frost
  6. Black Ring — We Rise
  7. Eisengeist — Apocalyptic Visions
  8. Surgyn — Sharp As Stars (Terrolokaust Remix)
  9. C0R3 MATT3R — Madness Not Medicine
  10. vircon — Remission
  11. Ghost In The Static — Saviour
  12. Surviving The Odyssey Featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced] — Weaponized
  13. Platform One — Control
  14. Jolexx — Mr Son
  15. Tranzitional Override — Mechanical Reaction
  16. Witness the Apotheosis — Phoenix Effect (Flash Point Mix by New Army)
  17. Short to Ground — Somebody to Save
  18. The Hose Face — Not On My Watch

Disc 8 Reconstruction (Digital / Premium Editions only)

  1. The Molecule Party — Salvo
  2. Mickle Boulevard — Frank’s Theme
  3. Synthetic Division — The Essence of Pain
  4. Bioassay — Where Did You Go (ES Mix)
  5. Process Type — Fading Nothing
  6. Shutterdown — Intonement
  7. Venus In Furs — Gone
  8. Project Rotten — From Hell
  9. Veniculture Featuring Jimmy Semtex From Rein[Forced]– Inamorata
  10. Hopefull Machines — Heartlikeaphoenixinafirestorm
  11. Systematik Violence — Souless killing machine
  12. Preacher — Hammer Democracy
  13. Stoneburner — Apogee
  14. Mike Saga VS BlakOPZ — Who Drugged Me?
  15. Servitor Sanctum 7 — Boom Ra Tech
  16. Microwaved — Black Lung
  17. DJ Lollidrop — Waiting Game
  18. Illusion of Joy — One Step Forward
  19. Jordan Decay — Oathbreaker