A Place Outside

Words and music by Seth Warren

A Place Outside The Forever Syndrome

Horrors I have seen
Speak to me
Childlike frustrations
Tainted scenes

I’m curious the error I have made
The others do not see the world this way

Seek me, I’m waiting
Come inside
I know your feeling
You know mine

Please wrap yourself inside my shadow home
It’s been too long, I’ve felt so alone

Your eyes – they no longer see me
And your lips – they won’t speak my name
From your mind I have been evicted
But there’s a place outside where I still remain

Tragic romances
Bleed and sing
I was a panther
Now I’m nothing

But someone has called and I must answer
The ephemeral is all that I know

Stalkings and murders
Fill the halls
Poets and minstrels
Surely fall

The wolverines have frightened you away
This one kitten will not find herself saved


Half my life a derailed war
Half my life in pain
I cut the flesh, tear my way out
But I’ve no peace the same
Teardrops, flowers and funeral shrouds
A box – my vessel gone
I was once so beautiful but now…


Copyright © 2005 Seth Warren