Always An Afterthought

Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

Place your little hand in mine
Keeping close I will protect you from the lie
As the pages turn in time
I hope to be absolved of my failings by design

Faking confidence
Faking competence
Carry on until you can convince yourself that you have made it
Standing on the side
Standing deaf and blind
I fear to find myself fully extraneous to this engagement

My love is baby’s breath
My love is razor blades
My love is daffodils
My love is hand grenades
Always an afterthought
They could take you away
Always an afterthought
You are not mine to claim

Sitting frozen by the shore
Recalling warmer days in which we had been here before
Wrapped up tight inside our coats
As a static winter field waits patiently to be reborn

Want to see you play
See you smile again
A momentary amnesia from all the conflicts I retain
Bound by legacy
Bound by history
A shiver that the photo framed is a mirror pointed back at me


Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren