Words and music by Seth Warren

No One Expects An Inquisition

Four days in Amnestyville
Four days on the wrong side of the conflict
Four days in a box and they’re taking me home

I’ve got a will and I’ve got a way
Got my soapbox and I’ve something to say
That is right, throw my hat in the fight; I’m in it to win it

I won’t give in – yes, I’ve got some nerve
And what you want, we do not deserve
All is fair; shoot the words through the air to counter the barrage


I don’t recall when the field went strange
The pieces moved and the rules were changed
And I’m not sure when everyone else started playing a new game

Now dim the lights in this crowded room
I’ve got my script, my lips start to move
Unify, get so high, reach the sky; strange, this feels like a gang rape


Copyright © 2011 Seth Warren