Billie Jo

Words and music by Seth Warren


Why can’t I get just a kiss now, Billie Jo?
A bloody scar across my face
Why can’t I read your intentions, Billie Jo?
You’re everything out of it’s place
Did you ever tell the truth, now, Billie Jo?
Was my pain your great escape?
As for the war, you won it, Billie Jo
You tore through my heart, got me to hate

As the refuse from your tarnished heart, I’m here to make a stand
‘Cause I’m another human being, not transport on demand
Well, you’re a real good Christian girl, you want to save your soul
Look in your true morality and you will see a hole

Tell me the truth, do you hate me, Billie Jo?
Am I the dirt beneath your feet?
Speak out no lie, would you save me, Billie Jo?
If you sat on the judgement seat
Put on your chain and makeup, Billie Jo
Go out to where all the bands play
Stare at the lights so bright now, Billie Jo
Now stare at this face – do you see me, truly?

As the blood splatters on your silver cross from a murder of one
You fold your little hands in prayer while keeping close your gun
Well, you like to do your little dance, you think you’re fucking cute
My darling girl, it’s so stupid; arms open, here: now shoot!

Billie Jo…

Did you cry a tear, now, Billie Jo
As you pushed me away?
Scratch out my eyes; they’re clear now, Billie Jo
I haven’t much more to say
Draw your pictures so gothic, Billie Jo
And stare at them for a long, long time
See all the black and blood-red, Billie Jo?
View the landscape of my mind

So cast aside your high ideals, they haven’t helped a bit
I honestly do not know how you dish out all that shit
Well, you think you now know all the rules and God’s laws all too well
But I will be right by your side as we descend to Hell

Billie Jo…

Copyright © 2002 Seth Warren