Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

Have you found that job yet?
One that will let you stay around?
I know how hard it can be
But you haven’t even tried
Everyone expects so much
I always disappoint
One near-perfect human being
This time I have lied

And if Darwin was right, then the Bible is wrong
And this I truly believe
We can sit for a while, trade sentimental smiles
For the folly that is you and me
I can push love away and be cold outside

But that doesn’t mean I don’t hurt
You can try to confess that you’ll love me no less
But that fate you do not deserve

Have you found that life yet?
One that won’t make you feel so sick?
The economy is weak but
Strong can be your pride
We sit around and talk so long
The darkness is our friend
There are so many enemies
I can’t face the world outside

So I look to my left and I look to my right
Stepping into the oncoming car
As you have the green light you may simply drive on
Leaving me here to deal with the scars
When I asked for your help you got me in deep
But that is how you help yourself
So I think and I dream and I plot and I scheme
And I place my mind on a shelf

Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren