Words and music by Seth Warren


Four o’ clock in the morning and it’s raining
You lay still beside me but I am still awake
You speak in a language that I have seldom heard
Some sounds are thrown about the room
And you wound me with your words

And I’m disconnected

I trace all of the curves, outline your face with my fingers
Our lips press together and your kisses linger
I would have tried waking but I never sleep
I dare not be dreaming
I dare not get too deep

When I’m disconnected

You told me to promise not to say, “I love you”
I asked that the same favour be given in return
But I dared to use the word, the word: the killer
Now I’m so empty learning to turn ashes to silver

I’m still disconnected!

Take away these chains I gave myself
It was all inside my head that you ever really cared
But you never really cared, did you?

Little clips and German phrases
I could have stared at you for days
But I watched you just dissolve
I watched you just dissolve into another vapid love song

It’s just another song for you, a song for me
Why can’t you see?
It’s just another song for you, as sung by me
Why can’t you see I love you?

Hang up, I’m calling
Hang up the phone
I’m still disconnected

Copyright © 2004 Seth Warren