Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

There’s a little dot on the horizon
Turn your head sideways, adjust your eyelids
Leaning forward, reaching out and it’s gone
Twilight creeping in, light pricks the darkness
Smokestack, windward vision obscure the sunset
Flying over, looking down and we fall

I remember when we said, “forever”
Brushing lips on skin and it was never
Reconciled, pass to denial and done
Reconcile, pass to denial and done

Learning to be one with your enclosure
Concrete groove and hum toward a better pasture
Accelerating, acclimating, come on
Morning fading in, deep blue retreating
From pure revealing light we hide until evening
Crawling back under our usual rocks
When you say you are a god, I know that you’re not


Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren