Words and music by Seth Warren


So sick of masking words I offer up my voice
Present of her free will you listen? It’s your choice
Why do I always try to dress my words so well?
My piles of meaning fall around me into hell

And now I’m calling out your name
I’m sick, I’m blind and I’ve been drowning out the pain
Sometimes I crucify myself
My wish: to show you the soul hidden by this veil

Every night, every day
In every form and every way
Every low, every high
It seems to me like a “goodbye”

Were secrets ever kept or did they all spill out?
I’d hold discretion close but I’ve turned upside down
In how you speak to me, you seem to always change
Am I some simpleton merely trapped in your game?

Tonight will always be this way
I’ve tried, I’ve failed, I should have nothing more to say
My words: my art, my heart, my soul
My wish: to paint a picture like you’re beautiful


Sometimes I wonder where I’ll land
If I bleed, the blood drips from my forehead and my hands
Sometimes I wonder what you see
A glimpse; I’ve looked at you, but have you looked into me?

Have I frightened you away?
My missteps have been so chronic
I don’t recall what passed that day
But I’m sorry…
Should I stay away?

And now I’m calling out your name
I’m sick, I’m blind but there’s no drowning out this pain
Sometimes I crucify myself
Comfort in screaming as I’m pulling out the nails


Copyright © 2002 Seth Warren