Fractal Heart

Words and music by Seth Warren


I am a stew of dark emotions
That feeds the demons in my mind
I look when should not be seeking
And never back in what I find
My fatal error was desire
The tragic flaw that is my sin
A silent race between two allies
This sort of fight I can not win

Acceptance leads into denial
It’s better than feeling remorse
You strike me down without my asking
Freeze-dried I make a better corpse
This option was never viable
I held the phone but cut the cord
One little kiss speaks many volumes
I need a truth I can afford

Close up the gate and reflect on me
This pity leaves an ugly stain
That grows much larger by the hour
Time leaves you wallowing in pain
There must be some sort of conclusion
This can not be how it all ends
I killed the apex I was after
Too late this time to make amends

Copyright © 2002 Seth Warren