I Love You/I Loathe You

Words and music by Seth Warren


Your skin is so pale
Your hair is so black
I look at your face
I take it all back
You speak beautifully
Your purpose is clear
But walk off the stage
The meaning’s not there

I drown in your voice
Nailed straight through your tongue
I’m hollowed inside
I just want to run
You look in my eyes
You stare at the void
I’m wishful and flawed
But you’re just annoyed

You look like you’re dead
Well fuck, so do I
Your lips are blood-red
And they’re telling lies…

Strong words, the wrong words
I don’t want to hear
Hard words and sharp words
I don’t want to hear
These lies are true
I love you
These lies are true
I loathe you
It’s all gone

Copyright © 2000 Seth Warren