If You Don't See Me…

Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

I’ll be in the corner
Far away from everyone
It’s not that I don’t care
But it just hurts too much to love
Maybe someday I’ll transcend
This deep uncertainty
But as for now I’ll fall apart
It’s best to leave me be
Leave me be

I learned very long ago
One always won’t belong
You bury hurt inside yourself
When you’re constantly wrong
I read the rules I tried to play
The game was just too hard
So as for now I’ll cry inside
Alone I’ll fall apart
Fall apart

I’ve heard that all perception
Is one’s isolated truth
What world and hell inside my head
Would leave me free to do
The things I love the love I choose
The stars I wish to hold
I wish to fill my heart with love
But your love is so cold
It’s so cold

In ten long years I learned to be
A bitter human being
It only took four more and I
Was tearing out my seams
Don’t patch me up, don’t make me right
I’ve had enough of that
I’m no good at conformity
Let’s leave me where I’m at
Where I’m at

I’ve told a lie by staying here
I’ve broken all the rules
I’d wait here for my punishment
But it’s already true
I’ve made a mess I can’t clean up
I sleep now in this bed
So dirty and unkempt that I
Might choose the floor instead

Floor instead

I’m too afraid to dig myself
Out of the hole I’m in
I should have started long ago
Now I wouldn’t know where to begin
The trap is set the lock is strong
I can’t open my eyes
You tell me all these happy thoughts
These happy little lies
Little lies

If you don’t see me be assured
That I am doing fine
Although it’s not the truth you seem
To take comfort in the lie
The will is gone my trap has sprung
It’s grip is much too tight
I’m giving in I’m shutting down
I’m turning out the light

Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren