Is There Some Way Out of Here?

Words and music by Seth Warren


They put a monkey in the White House confirming that, it is a zoo
Monkey likes to throw his shit about as monkeys tend to do
On my moron-box he tells me, “this is not the time to think”
“to do so would make you yet another suspect in the link”
Now he’s jumping up and down, screaming for homeland defense
He is grabbing for his bombs, like a hard-on in his pants
See, we are the good guys here, we are not the terrorists
But we are fighting wrong with wrong as unleashed imperialists

Hey! Is there some way out of here? [x4]

There are information gurus packed in small dimly-lit rooms
And the knowledge they’ve acquired they would like to share with you
Embedded deep to put a pretty face upon the tragedy
Swimming in the sands as armies liberate some Texas tea
But the action hasn’t ended and the lies are wearing thin
Seems the troops are getting restless…better call up the UN
“This is not the gig we signed on when we came here to Baghdad”
“If this isn’t Vietnam, why do we leave in body bags?”


I am sick of clueless fuckers, I am sick of stupid whores
Flag-hags who milked away the sorrow and now the world hates US once more
I’d like to break a glass to celebrate another “Patriot’s Day”
And stick the shards to the head of the council on misleading names
But we’re people packed in boxes, we are people packed in cans
See our labels gleam so brightly as we sell out to the man
We have precious little freedom, there are those who’d beg for less
Care to stumble through these ruins of your making your own mess?


Copyright © 2004 Seth Warren