Words and music by Seth Warren

No One Expects An Inquisition

That is a good plan
That’s where we’ll go
You plot a course there
And I’ll work below

Drowning on the beach
A victim of low tide
Forever within reach
As the pain subsides

We sail the rough seas
We rue the tide
Dawn of misfortune
Morning’s red sky

Short time for writing
Send your regards
Bottles away now
Godspeed to your hearts


Washed up on gold sand
Wet parchment unrolled
Ink and saltwater
No story was told

When our bodies followed
They held not a clue
A group of head shakers
Asking, “well, who are these people?”

That was a good plan
So we set forth
Sailed to the edge and
We fell overboard

There is no writing
We have no names
Intent and ambition
We took to the grave


Copyright © 2011 Seth Warren