Words and music by Seth Warren

Michelle The Forever Syndrome

Michelle’s engaged to be married
She couldn’t be more happy for it
She’s got a ring around her finger
The wedding date is all set
Michelle’s the expert on what love is
She’s never made plans based in fear
It’s about time that this thing happened
She’s only waited twenty-one years

Candy hearts to say “I love you”
Candy hearts say, “please be mine”
Speak the sentences of laughter
I will comfort you with lies

For ten years, twenty years thirty years, forty years
Fifty years

Michelle has a future planned out
She’s on the straight road towards success
Her plans are for a family and a career
She’s started out on the right step


Michelle’s wearing her white dress now
The most joyous day by far
She’s prepared to walk down the aisle
She’s jumping into her future


Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren