My Little Girl

Words and music by Seth Warren


Darling daughter, just what have you done?
It seems to me that you’re not having fun
Have all your friends not measured up in girth?
Spread your legs wider and bone up your self-worth

Mommy, Mommy, I’ve been such a good girl
I’ve done what you’ve said; made a perfect world
The boys all love me, the girls are my friends
Oh, Mommy, Mommy let this joy never end!

My little girl is a princess
My girl gets lots of toys for Christmas
My little girl is a love song
My little girl can do no wrong

Morning shower, I feel so fresh and pure
I’m ready to go out and take the world
I’m freshly pierced – or at least, I tried
Please stop this burning in-between my thighs

My dear girl shaves herself just like me
We may be active but by no means are dirty
An older lady who is into self-abuse
I love the young boys, I love to make them swoon


Something is wrong; why do they spread these lies?
Should they not love me when I spread my thighs?
A friend of yours is always a friend of mine
Those that don’t love me need to get into line

Jesus Christ! Where have all my boy-toys gone?
I gave them all I could from the waist down
I gave them pleasure and sucked it just the same
Yet no one ever says they’re glad they came


Copyright © 2004 Seth Warren