Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

Paint your face in blue and silver, Glitter Girl
You are dressed to go outside – dressed for taking on the night
In these hours you can leave your concerns at home
Forget undeserved rewards, leave your teardrops all alone
In libation you can find a brand new truth
Bring the new dancing messiah to a temple we once knew
There’s a hotel, which we’ve driven past before
Flanking dying motorways where you’ve seemed to have locked the door
Making promises like rain
Falling down, fading away
That you could invite such pain
Be so na├»ve, it doesn’t pay
To be loving in a world so full of hate
They will strike you down again as you try to stand up straight
So console yourself by saying, “just this time”
Because dirt can wash away and scars are worn with pride

Build a fire
Build a fire
Leave it burning way up high
Burning high into the night

Every day is getting harder than the last
Do these hours stretch out for years? Are these tests which you must pass?
Every whisper is a cry of sympathy
But your weakness is your heart and your heart is haemorrhaging
Is this cold comfort or misguided revenge?
Have you justified the move, stammering in your defense?
There are two pariahs from another land
Who tried hard to look inside – but that was only one night
Making slaves out of the pure
Irrational, to be so cruel
Playing games with little lives
Breaking vows, husbands and wives
If religion is the excuse that you seek
Then this building is a church and it’s foundation is weak
Trade in laughter for a bottle of dismay
You may break it any time – any time of any day


Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren