Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

Please take a moment to laugh
I’ve learned when best to hold back
One passion comes on too strange
This ache is new and restrained
You grew up proper and set
I hold no glamour to your etiquette
Blind creatures caged at the zoo
Physical inmates not so unlike you

So take apart my indignation
Understand my rationalisation
I have only wanted to be free
Don’t trip over the liberal axis
Please forgive my stumbling excess
Open up – oh, won’t you look inside of me?

So many moments I’ve cried
Has your pain helped you get by?
Why am I falling apart?
Compromise the weakness chloroform my heart
I have no pictures of you
Though not that I hadn’t the desire to
I think you’ve seen me at my worst
Though dear you’re hardly the first

Apologies for all my failings
Jealousy and desperate ravings and
Every time I’ve held on much too tight
So lonely how you reached out to me
But once more I’ve worn out my stay
Desperate façades and maybe they are right

If you found my presence grating
Reluctantly, there’s no debating
That my pills are often hard to chew
Don’t care too much for this selfish person
Watch my insecurities worsen
My sins were expectations of you I had no right to

I have no pictures of you

Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren