One Step Forward

Words and music by Seth Warren

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence (Bonus Tracks)

No master plan
It just happened
Anxiety became anticipation
We lucky few
That point I knew
The time had come to rethink what I wanted

But desire tempts the fates to pass
Tearing deep at tender flesh
Church fools tell me that it’s all to plan
I haven’t the faith to simply accept

One step forward…locking myself in my room
One step forward…picking at yesterday’s wounds
One step forward…fighting optimists and winning
It’s not meant to be now

We’re rushing in
We face a crises
Anticipation reverts to anxiety
You’re giving up?
I can’t believe you!
Well, I’ll cling to that one last desperate reed

Men in white coats claim to understand
But they’re clueless, just as me
A month elapsed I asked you what you need
You tell me that you’re just happy to bleed
Now tell me why you’re so happy to bleed


Copyright © 2012 Seth Warren