Precious Cargo

Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

Heads up! Precious cargo
Eyes out – no damages
Strapped down: constrict the movement
That’s how we deliver it

Run far away
We’ve done a bad thing
You’re my accomplice
Burn, throttle up
This is a rough ride
They can not catch us

Defiance: a shiny light
Pass a law, doesn’t make it right
Don’t speak words of rebellion
Hollow rhetoric is through
We’re the liars, but we know the truth
That crime was simply more fun


Keep it all cool
Mind the back chamber
Don’t lose your nerve
Make the voices stop
Rest for ten minutes
And we’ll move on

Say again what we do is right
Awake in such cold sweats at night
Such horrifying pictures
Tell the truth: have we both gone mad?
We’ve redefined the good and bad
Less thinking, more action


Take the long road home
Assuming we can get back
Road, river and rail
Unite me with my heartland
Take the long road home
Assuming that we have one
You filthy radicals
Redemption is a sad joke

Matted hair, formaldehyde
Let’s take these monsters for a ride
We can just do, they have all died
Let’s take these monsters for a ride
Come on, monsters – ride!


Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren