Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

I am so beautiful – the boy you’ve always craved
Your lust for glossy sheens brings you to younger days
Is it too much to demand that the world revolve around I?
Strange-spoken, soft, pleasing with a gaze that would make you cry
All this poetry, dried ink upon loose leaf
It’s all the prose that you unearthed in seventh grade
Hollow shall be thy name, your music is so divine
My thanks as I take a bow, soon shall you all become mine

Heaven can wait
Do as I say
Down on your knees
Blow me away
Here is the bed
Make it up nice
This was your choice
Here is your life

The music is too dark please offer up your soul
I know not what to do when lacking in control
The demand is you worship me – make sure your altar is finished
I’m grateful; you are all so kind, oh – and please, can I bring a friend?


I am so wonderful, the friend you’ve always craved
You show your lust for me but would take words to the grave
It’s not too much to demand that the world revolve around I
Outspoken, hard, forceful as all your old friendships die


Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren