Rebound Bitch

Words and music by Seth Warren


Got a rebound bitch and she loves you
Pretty little witch, you control her
And the memories of the past amount to nothing
Desire is your god, now you’ve found something

Got a rebound bitch, she’s so sexy
Do you like her tears? Yeah, same with me
And the morals you exhume bind you both together
It’s a holy union true as you ride inside her

I look across the years and see all the shit you’ve put me through
Tear off the mask and see all the tears I have hidden from you
I tear open your heart, my hand sticks in the oily lake
You’d do the same to me and see nothing left
for you but hate

Got a rebound bitch, she’s so happy
Other guys she’s had were all mistakes
And the refuge that you take is within each other
Oblivious is good; it strengthens the love
Got a rebound bitch, what a good thing
No effort put forth when seducing
So just let the spirit flow, now there’s nothing to stop you
I bow down to your prowess, I simply can’t top you


Got a rebound bitch and you love her
Pretty little witch, she controls you
So I accept all the facts, I am now conclusive
A valid hard detail: you’re both too abusive


Copyright © 2002 Seth Warren