Right Wing Radio

Words and music by Seth Warren


Clear channel, queer channel, have another beer channel
These are all the songs that you wanted to hear channel
Hit song, shit song, dredged up from the pit song
Music isn’t good unless the label is puissant

It’s the latest attraction, come on, let’s go
It’s the same big thrill that everyone must know
Our ten favourites all in a row
Right wing radio

Fun time, run time, tune in on your land line
A fat prize package, congrats to caller nine
It’s hard news lard, verse, chorus: twice the yards
Blame us if your children are all musical retards

The FCC has made it so
Deregulation was the way to go
Now the public airwaves really blow
Right wing radio

Right news, tight news, give up on your world views
Opinion is about the propaganda that you choose
Drink down, fill up, pour it in your dirty cup
Cum-junkie fat cats don’t like to see shit stirred up

I’m a major annoyance to those I know
Who enjoy jacking off to Stern’s morning show
The brainwaves hit an all-time low
Right wing radio

Copyright © 2004 Seth Warren