Soap Opera Villain

Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

Trampoline, bouncing ’round from town to town
Stay a while and invert the local frown
Wear a mask of pretty paper mâché strips
Bide your time until the fruit is ripe to pick
A wait so long
A line so slow
No chance to hurry up
A life derailed
A life so dull
It’s time to hurry up

He greets the morning
Out of bed
He doses cope
Fills up his head
Sends an email to the KKK
And then is on his merry way

So obscene, speaking English all day long
Have some tea; this pot’s been made extra strong
Drink a while and let worry slip away
There’s no conflict – this is known as a safe place
So paranoid
So sad indeed
A negative broadcast
A few more pills
Some therapy
This really couldn’t last


A life derailed
A life so dull
Despite these tiny ghosts
A quick repair
A bloodless kill
More clinical than most


Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren