Words and music by Seth Warren

No One Expects An Inquisition

Lust, call it as it lays
I trust you feel the same way
Desire or a sense of shame
By now it’s one and the same

How you tease and torture me
It’s easy to relate I can not leave the serpent be
We spread our dirty fantasies
I feed you with my guilt and it likewise smothers me

Step right up, step right in
The time I die, is it the time that we’re finished?
Step right up, step right in
The time I die isn’t the time that we’re finished
I long for you

Sing your siren song to me
Shipwrecked, we knew ecstasy
Refrain, no big finish now
Loose tongues and voices so loud

Compose and play inside my head
A song, we three, the band would be so big in bed
You twist a song of different keys
But I’ll puzzle you out as you sing a game of me


We were lonely, you and I, we came about
How the magnetism pull shuffled off doubt
Bitter were the puritans and acrid were their condescending tongues
Bitter were those lonely days but now those lonely days are all long gone

And if we are but a disgrace
Then you can leave a mark upon my pretty face


Copyright © 2011 Seth Warren