Words and music by Seth Warren

No One Expects An Inquisition

I am moving to Michigan
I have made a new friend there
I’ve packed my bags, said my goodbyes
And I doubt I’ll come ’round here anymore
For the lovers come and go
They all have run dry

So I’ll stand in burdened judgement
I shall bring the gavel down
I can’t afford to waste my time
Being smart is moving forward
I can not be held behind
Yet I don’t want to learn to fly
You will never learn to fly

Pretty faces, pretty movies
A revolving door club house
But this club is quite exclusive
And you never know just when your time is running out
Feel the excitement wax and wane
I should probably be moving on

When did life become so boring?
Why do people disappoint?
Can’t I afford some better highs?
Being smart is being heartless
Pick the fruit and squeeze it dry
Well, you will never learn to fly
Ha! I don’t want to learn to fly

Raise your hands to the dark orange sky
Lay down in the dirty night

Raise your hands!

Copyright © 2011 Seth Warren