What Might Have Been

Words and music by Seth Warren

No One Expects An Inquisition

Take the makeup off your face
Please remove your mask, show the truth underneath
Take your costume, hang it up
There’s no need to prove a thing to the world
Set your flowers on the floor
Withered roses cry to kiss you no more
Stop the music, quell the angst
Take one final bow and exit the stage

“He will love me in the end
He’ll pack up his life, come back again
He can’t just leave me behind
He’ll return to me, the scene of the crime”

It’s over, you can’t pretend
Don’t think about what might have been
We both knew it’d end this way
So let those dreams fade away

Take your clich├ęs, pack them up
All of your little toys, knick-knacks and trifles
Place your hand upon your heart
Open up the door and please show me out

“I will go and visit him
I’ll pack up my life, he’ll let me in
We shall be forevermore
With just him and me, we’ll be so happy”


“How could you leave me behind?
Dove in deep enough to turn the tide
Were not we forevermore?
Love is misery, I’m so unhappy”


Copyright © 2011 Seth Warren