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The Forever Syndrome release date announced

Posted on August 17th, 2006 by administrator

The Forever SyndromeThe long-awaited third LP from Illusion of Joy, The Forever Syndrome (cat#RAMA006) now has an official release date. Those of you shuddering with anticipation of this 14-song offering will be able to get your hands on it September 26th. Until then, has been updated with a tracklisting for the album, along with lyrics for each song and a larger version of the cover art pictured above left.

Coming soon: a chance to hear The Forever Syndrome.

Division re-released today

Posted on August 15th, 2006 by administrator

DivisionDivision, the 2nd album in the Illusion of Joy discography, but the first to be released on Randy’s Alternative Music (cat#RAMA005) is now available for purchase online (and possibly in record stores if you special-order it). Two options are available for those itching to e-commerce this CD into their possession: the ubiquitous Store @ (now sporting two pieces of merchandise) or one may opt to buy Division from the always adorable CD Baby. Your choice; flip a coin and then use said coin towards payment for the CD.

Please note: if you have the HPL Laboratories release of Division in your possession, there is no need to buy it again. In all of the ways which matter (musical content, track sequencing, artwork and liner notes), the two versions of Division are exactly the same. The only differences between the two versions are the catalogue numbers printed on the spine and the style of the jewel case used to hold the CD.