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  • Primary Day 2021

    Posted May 11, 2021 | 2:15 am

  • Prior to 2020, no-excuse mail-in ballots did not exist in Pennsylvania. As such, I would post this entry on Election Day itself. However, with voting by mail readily available (unless certain misguided groups manage to take it away) and with it being my preferred method of casting my ballot, I’m now going to post these entries one week before Election Day. It’s now Election Season…kind of like Halloween or Christmas, but with a lot less candy.

    In Pennsylvania, the polls will be open from 7:00-8:00PM on May 18th (the close of polls is also when all mail-in ballots are due at the Elections Division). Although Pennsylvania has a closed primary for candidates, this primary election is being held concurrently with a general election open to all voters regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof where they must choose how to answer several ballot questions. More information can be found on those questions at the Pennsylvania State Department and a plain-English explainer for said questions can be found at WESA.

    As always, my personal picks, starting with questions and then moving to Democratic candidates…

    Ballot Question #1

    Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be
    amended to change existing law and
    increase the power of the General
    Assembly to unilaterally terminate or
    extend a disaster emergency
    declaration—and the powers of
    Commonwealth agencies to address the
    disaster regardless of its severity
    pursuant to that declaration—through
    passing a concurrent resolution by
    simple majority, thereby removing the
    existing check and balance of presenting
    a resolution to the Governor for approval
    or disapproval?


    Ballot Question #2

    Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be
    amended to change existing law so that:
    a disaster emergency declaration will
    expire automatically after 21 days,
    regardless of the severity of
    the emergency, unless the General
    Assembly takes action to extend
    the disaster emergency; the Governor
    may not declare a new
    disaster emergency to respond to the
    dangers facing the
    Commonwealth unless the General
    Assembly passes a concurrent
    resolution; the General Assembly enacts
    new laws for disaster management?


    Ballot Question #3

    Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be
    amended by adding a new section
    providing that equality of rights under
    the law shall not be denied or abridged
    because of an individual’s race or


    Ballot Question – State of Pennsylvania

    Do you favor expanding the use of the
    indebtedness authorized under the
    referendum for loans to volunteer fire
    companies, volunteer ambulance
    services and volunteer rescue squads
    under 35 PA.C.S. Section 7378.1
    (related to referendum for additional
    indebtedness) to include loans to
    municipal fire departments or companies
    that provide services through paid
    personnel and emergency medical
    services companies for the purpose of
    establishing and modernizing facilities
    to house apparatus equipment,
    ambulances and rescue vehicles, and for
    purchasing apparatus equipment,
    ambulances and rescue vehicles,
    protective and communications
    equipment and any other accessory
    equipment necessary for the proper
    performance of the duties of the fire
    companies and emergency medical
    services companies?


    Ballot Question – Allegheny County

    Shall the Allegheny County Code,
    Chapter 205, Allegheny County Jail, be
    amended and supplemented to include a
    new Article III, which shall set forth
    standards governing conditions of
    confinement in the Allegheny County


    Ballot Question – City of Pittsburgh

    Shall the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter
    be amended and supplemented by
    adding a new Article 10: Powers of the
    Pittsburgh Police, containing Section
    1001, which shall bar employees of the
    Pittsburgh Bureau of Police from
    executing warrants at any residence
    without knocking and announcing


    Mayor of Pittsburgh

    Re-elect Mayor Peduto

    Pittsburgh City Council – District 4

    Bethani for City Council

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  • Election Day 2020

    Posted November 2, 2020 | 2:11 pm

  • The general election has finally arrived! If you aren’t one of the numerous people who voted early or by mail, this is your final chance to cast your ballot. Where I live, in Pennsylvania, polls are open from 7:00AM-8:00PM. Mask up, bathe yourself in hand sanitizer, stay six feet away from other voters and exercise your democratic rights.

    My personal picks below:

    President and Vice President

    Biden/Harris 2020

    State Representative HD36

    Jessica Benham for State Representative

    Ballot Question

    Shall the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter, Article Two, Executive, be amended and supplemented by amending and adding new language to Sections 229 and 230 and adding a new Section, 231, expanding the powers of the Independent Citizen Police Review Board to allow the Board to require police officers to participate in investigations, conducting performance audits of the Police Bureau and preventing the removal of Board members except for just cause and with City Council approval?


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  • Primary Day 2020

    Posted June 2, 2020 | 1:00 am

  • Today is Primary Day in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania…and to say that things have been unusual would be an understatement. Rescheduled statewide due to the coronavirus crises, I’m going to be working the polls in a city which will be awakening from it’s third night in a row under curfew due to bad actors turning protests violent. Regardless, the polls in Pennsylvania are open from 7:00AM-8:00PM, allowing those who didn’t vote by mail a chance to vote in person. Figure out where you are voting (it has likely been consolidated due to the pandemic) and do your part to keep democracy alive.

    And now, my personal ballot…mailed in several weeks ago…

    Democratic Nominee for President

    Elizabeth Warren for President

    Democratic Nominee for Congress PA18

    Jerry Dickinson for Congress

    Democratic Nominee for State Representative HD36

    Jessica Benham for State Representative

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  • Election Day 2019

    Posted November 5, 2019 | 2:35 am

  • Like clockwork every four years, exasperated citizens ask regarding the candidates, "where do these idiots come from!"  My answer is always the same: "they come up through low-turnout off-year elections when barely anyone is paying attention."  It is in that spirit that I am encouraging you to cast a ballot in order to keep more idiots from taking office (or to kick some out).  Tomorrow is Election Day, so go find your polling place and vote!

    As always, I’ve got my personal picks for my part of Pennsylvania…

    Allegheny County Executive

    Rich Fitzgerald for Allegheny County Executive

    Allegheny County Controller

    Chelsa Wagner for Allegheny County Controller

    District Attorney

    Lisa Middleman for District Attorney

    Ballot Questions:

    Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to grant certain rights to crime victims, including to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity; considering their safety in bail proceedings; timely notice and opportunity to take part in public proceedings; reasonable protection from the accused; right to refuse discovery requests made by the accused; restitution and return of property; proceedings free from delay; and to be informed of these rights, so they can enforce them?


    Shall the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter be amended to establish a dedicated Parks Trust Fund beginning in 2020 to: improve, maintain, create and operate public parks; improve park safety; equitably fund parks in underserved neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh; be funded with an additional 0.5 mill levy ($50 on each $100,000 of assessed real estate value); secure matching funds and services from a charitable city parks conservancy; and assure citizen participation and full public disclosure of spending?


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  • Primary Day 2019

    Posted May 20, 2019 | 11:49 pm

  • If you live in Pennsylvania like I do, then there’s a primary election today. Pennsylvania rightly has a closed primary (though some fools are trying to change that), so your ballot choices will most likely be limited (i.e.: nothing) if you aren’t registered as a Democrat or Republican, but check your local listings for ballot questions which may need to be answered.

    Polls are open from 7:00AM-8:00PM. Vote!

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