Building A Society

Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

Standing outside
Two broken boots, ten inches of snow
Pain-painted glass
Imagine the warmth, entranced by the glow
Mama take note
Is there a need for you to attend?
Outside this house
There stands a wretch and a brand new friend

Inside this house
We’re building a society
Communal bliss
A frayed, patchwork, stitched-up family
Here are the rules
Simple commands, cut straight to the point
Keep to yourself
And no one will be put out of joint

Over and over and over again
You’re a raggedy man, you’re a victim, my friend
This is an indiscriminate house, you can stay
Twisted outside brought your sordid affairs
Now a scissor misstep to a fall down the stairs
Partake of an indiscriminate path and you’ll pay

So we stand a stone throw from a glass house
Fingers clasped, convenience in hand
As we stare stalemate at each other
Mutual thieves and mutually damned

Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren