Dead Winter Sky

Words and music by Seth Warren


I am old and you are the figure of youth and you think you know about sorrow
Chasing ghosts out under the dead winter sky; the wind blows, you think they have found you
Heat is off; the cold creeps in through the window – walk outside, where all sound is frozen
Like the earth; nothing around here stirs with life so walk on, exhale, watch your breath swirl

Gravestones in the snow
Lit up by a muted orange glow
Of the nearby town’s gas stations
Names I ecognise
Buried husbands, children and wives
Whispers, “go away, leave us be”

“Love is gone” I wrote in the frost in the glass; passers-by don’t look up to notice
Hot coffee, a poison that I quickly loved – We’d go out and drink after midnight

Then departure came
My thick head kept me from the same
Until those in charge took my choice
Following your trail
Trading in cold sandstone for steel
The question remains: was this right?

These dreams I’ve had all float away…

Copyright © 2004 Seth Warren