Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

You and I…
An argument against intelligent design
A random mess
Dumb luck is the best explanation for how we’ve survived
Taking a piss in the gene pool
Floating upon the sea of fools

Now I’m crawling, oceans falling
I will match your evolution
Our desire, build a fire
Burning fast in evolution
It’s our nation, a civilisation
What a rate of evolution
Drop the bomb and it’s all gone
So concludes our evolution

Say goodbye…
To vestigial plans and extinct alibis
Step on up
Witness the static warnings of all those who came before you, all those who died
Splitting the atoms for a laugh HA HA HA
Watching our lives rendered in halves

You and I…
An argument against intelligent life

Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren