Like Water

Words and music by Seth Warren

Electronic Saviors Volume 4 Digital Bonus

I’m breaking out – I’m breaking
I won’t be whole until you’re gone
I’m solid now, assumed
Defined, immutable to stone

Drip down like water
Salt-sick into a turgid sea
You’ll hear the ocean
You’ll drown yourself in spite of me

So sail away
Your ship is made to crest uncertain waves
O captain on, command
False stars your will to navigate

Deny the feeling
A thrust right through your aching heart
Your eyes the moonlight
The gods rip your false world apart

I’m breaking down – I’m breaking
Until I have washed all away
Now burn it up
You’re gasoline, no bridge is ever safe

A tidal wave
All structures submit to your sway
You mouth destruction
You breathe – you devastate

I’m breaking out – I’m breaking

Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren