Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

Undertow, you can now take me
I am done, I am free
Have I given a full lifetime?
What is left? A cavity
Call the rocks and call the breakers
Gather close, witness the fall
Trace your tear trails down your features
Know this is no end at all

Learning to breathe under water
I will be a submarine
Being one in fluid motion
Render us unto the sea

Swallow salty inspiration
Cough up sickly memories
By the anger and frustration
My old habits, my disease


Open your eyes and let the burning pass
Adapt and surely you will see
Open your hands and wash away the fear
Reach out and touch and you’ll believe
Open your heart and cast away the doubt
Open your doubtless heart to me


Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren