Naked & Fading

Words and music by Seth Warren

The Forever Syndrome

They call people like you sick
They say a lifestyle change is needed
Well, who are they?
Every morning you look down

The numbers stare back up at you
And you believe…
Burn away the ugliness
Just another size to go
And no longer will you have to feel the shame
Heroin and laxatives
A cleansing brew for idiots
It’s good to see everyone look the same

You were beautiful
You were beautiful
But now it is gone
Blame society
Blame society
For all that went wrong

You’ve been working very hard
You have suffered long in silence
Well, good for you
And as your flesh is rotting off

There stands a girl, mutilated
From inside out
Think of all the boys you’ll kiss who’ll
Taste the vomit on your lips
Your figure keeps you safely in the game
Latex gloves and paper masks
A sucker-punch right to the gut
How is it that you still feel just the same?


Copyright © 2006 Seth Warren