Pound By Pound

Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

This is how they make you scared
This is how they wear you down
This is how they play your trust
Now is it fair to trade an ulcer for a uterus
And this is how they change the plans
This is how they take advantage
This is how they sway the doubt
Say, “dead baby” and like magic you become a god

Pound by pound, ounce by ounce
When the numbers add up, they’ll let you out
The numbers and the charts, the charts and the graphs
If you stare at them too long, they’ll drive you mad

I hold vigil
No candles to light, but my heart is on fire
Stay in control
Hold back the tears, try and make it through the night

Don’t wake me up, I’m living in the dream

Day by day, look by look
I’m holding on with every single risk we took
They’ve made you up in bed and they’re keeping a close eye
And they say I’ll be the first to know if you should die

If you’ve got hope
Keep it to yourself, like every rip-off I’ve known
How about the truth?
Is the time running out? Will we all end up alone?

Don’t wake me up, I’m living in the dream

Month by month, inch by inch
The healing process exceeds what they’ll pay for it
The price is set, now they’ve turned you out
And with clean hands they have left you to the cold of doubt

It’s no surprise
The evidence points to a murder attempt
We’re the odds defied
When Hippocrates is smothered under blanket programs

Don’t wake me up, I’m living in the dream

Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren