Redefining Life

Words and music by Seth Warren


You’re a specimen of inhumanity
Sickly, flaccid muscles – you only eat and sleep
Maker for the damage, I think you realise
Turning to the view screen upon your hazy eyes
Anger for the vessel that’s too sickly to bleed
Handouts for the mindless of silicone disease
Message for the bottle that’s made of broken glass
Liposuction copout whose time has come to pass

Drink deeply of your illusion
Meet your kids and your wife
Huddle safe inside of your confusion
We’re redefining life

See the closet genius with the closet sneer
Face the hatred, breed the same old mother fucking fear
When the lust dries out and it all blows away
Face your future of yet another empty day
When the synapse falls out and frays from all it’s kind
Still you’re twitching running ’round, you’re merciless and blind
As you shut yourself down, all systems underwhelmed
Walk in circles, cry aloud – your ship remains unhelmed


Aliens would take control of a bitter, empty soul
Love to tell such stupid lies, laughing as we watch you die
There’s no future in this hell, fascists all, we served you well
Raise your cup and take a drink, baby’s gone in a blink


Copyright © 2000 Seth Warren