Take Away My Comfort

Words and music by Seth Warren


In a small room
In a small town
Empty college dorms
Empty student minds
She’s a friendly waitress
Service with a smile
I’m the grouchy patron
I’m a warning sign
This storm is coming closer
This nowhere takes a turn
I’m pleasantly inside right now

Something must be wrong
Take away my comfort
True, my memory
Nothing lasts forever
You say we are the same
But do you speak with Honesty?
I hear that boy left town
With his best friend, Integrity

Turn me around
Turn me inside
Beg for release
Beg for your rights
Every eye is watching
Stretched wide and so appalled
You’re Miss Understanding
Your heartbeat has stalled
We still have our harems
Let’s find some other fools
I honestly could not care less


It’s alright now
My wake-up call is ringing
The greyness rolls in
And every bird stops singing
Maybe I should drive home
Forget the past few days
The scars aren’t as familiar
Not like the motorway
I think that we should give up
On polyamory
Seems we can’t even love ourselves


Copyright © 2004 Seth Warren