Take Off Your Inhibitions

Words and music by Seth Warren


There’s a demon in my mind
I can say that it likes you
Look inside and you will find
That you have the demon too
I was consumed by my lust
My whole body was on fire
You just happened to be there
And you quenched all my desire

Take off your inhibitions, take off your bra
I don’t need anybody to love me at all
I don’t need your love

So the conscious has been scarred
Don’t you feel a little guilt
But we’re convinced it is love
And with love all doubts will wilt
I was the first one in line
So I went and left my mark
But you felt so very fine
Yes, this demon was so smart


Show me that wild ignition, I will not stall
I don’t need anybody to fuck me at all
I don’t need your love

I don’t want…I don’t need…
For you I will not bleed

Copyright © 2002 Seth Warren