The Shaming

Words and music by Seth Warren

A Stone Throw From A Glass House

I really should just say it to your face
You self-absorbed, self-righteous waste of space
You claim you’re only helping
You body fascist, rape apologist
I know you’re so proud of your brand new life
You’ve made yourself a son and perfect wife
You are born again and baptised
You jog the straight and narrow 9 to 5

Little wounds, little pricks
There’s no room for opinions that dissent
Day by day closed some more
Lose your mind, lean your head against the door

You were not shy in pointing out my flaws
A self-deluded pervert without pause
There is no justification
When everyone else tells you to preach on
I don’t know why I’ve let you in my life
Hindsight brings no good features into light
You tell me that you’re joking
A wink makes every barb you toss all right

Jump around, monkey cage
It’s a joke – don’t get bent out of shape
Very smug for so long
Sketch me out, I can kill you in a song
Come on, bitch, now sing along

Shame – I love to take you home
You burn into my shell
I’m grateful for the immolation

Run, run, run away – it’s a pressure-cooker day
Run as fast as you can – nobody can escape
Oh, Run, run, run, run, run away – it’s a pressure-cooker day
Nobody can escape
Nobody gets away
Nobody wins the race

I’d really love to vanquish this unease
In ignorance you abort your studies
What you condemn as vices…
I see as a way towards being free

Shackles off little bird
Fly away – admit there is no cage
Dogma song…keep singing
You’re still wrong
You’ll always be the same
One more time into the flames


Copyright © 2016 Seth Warren