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Crappy Valentine’s Day 2024

Posted on February 14th, 2024 by administrator

“Candy hearts to say ‘I love you,” – such are the lyrics beginning the chorus of “Michelle,” a cynical examination of someone stumbling through the milestones of life out of a sense of obligation rather than enthusiasm. Are not the majority of us so cursed, though?

“Michelle” was originally released as the opening track to the 2006 LP The Forever Syndrome. A single edit of the song was released in advance of Valentine’s Day the following year. It would be in the year 2012 that the 24-hour Crappy Valentine’s Day download first occurred, becoming a yearly tradition ever since. It will likely continue as such until someone at the department of all things Illusion of Joy overhears a youth ask, “what’s an MP3?”

Click the link to download:

Michelle/Say it in Japanese cover art

Michelle-Say It In

Even though this year’s download window has closed, you can still Or just stream The Forever Syndrome: