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December Merch Specials

Posted on November 30th, 2011 by administrator

The waning months of the year always seemed packed with holidays, December being the particular heavyweight of the bunch. If the media are to be believed, it matters not which December holiday one celebrates so long as one incurs a financial burden of some sort in doing so. The preferred way of inuring said financial burden is via the purchasing tokens of appreciation, bribes or – as they are most commonly known – gifts. As always, we here at the headquarters for all things Illusion of Joy have some humble suggestions…namely we humbly suggest you purchase everything available in the Merch section of this website.

“That’s wonderful,” you may be thinking, “but what’s in it for me?”

Glad you asked; indeed there is no “Black Friday” here, nor is there a “Cyber Monday.” Also, since there is no permanent physical presence, don’t make us laugh by mentioning “Small Business Saturday.” We here at the headquarters for all things Illusion of Joy prefer to buck convention while simultaneously cashing in on it. As such, these are the December specials which are actually beginning on Thursday, December 1st:

Download Cards

Long relegated to being an exclusive purchase available for those visiting the real merch table at a live Illusion of Joy performance, the download card for No One Expects An Inquisition will be available for purchase from the website. About the size of a credit card or store gift card, a download card is perfect as a stocking stuffer, for stuffing into a holiday card or for stuffing into any other space which one thinks needs a good stuffing.

Gift Wrap

Did you buy CDs for someone? Do you not want to wrap them yourself? We here at the headquarters for all things Illusion of Joy will do it for you – for free. Just make sure you say to do so before completing your order.

Free Shipping

Usually one has to purchase $20 of goods in order to get this perk. Throughout December, shipping charges have been lifted from everything in the Merch catalogue.

As always, everything is shipped via the United States Postal Service. If you need an item on a specific date, bear in mind that we can not make guarantees or overnight packages. Your best bet is to order early (two or more weeks in advance).

Happy celebrations for your holiday of choice.