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Posted on May 5th, 2002 by administrator

I usually wouldn’t post one of these online quiz results in this particular forum, however in this case I will make an exception, as it allows me the chance to display more of Pamela Pagayonan‘s artwork on this site. As you may recall, her work was used as the cover art for Crystalline. I’m quite the fan. In any case, here are my results:

my blackdaisies character

You are Violencia. You are a strong person, both in personality and physicality, who isn’t afraid to let your friends and partners know exactly what you wants, and that you’ll probably have your way. There is no bullshitting about you, you go right for the prize whatever the prize might be. You’re dominating in relationships, you probably initiate wanton acts of sexual carnage and you’re open about it all. “On your knees, bitch” is probably a phrase you use regularly.

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