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Hear The Forever Syndrome before it's release

Posted on September 2nd, 2006 by administrator

One can now hear The Forever Syndrome in it’s entirety on While the official release date isn’t until the end of the month all of the songs from The Forever Syndrome have been uploaded to and have just been approved for streaming from the site. This means that if one is a member of using their streaming radio service, depending on one’s genre preferences, it is entirely possible that songs from Illusion of Joy’s latest album will show up in the rotation.

So, to wrap things up: there are plenty of song samples on other sites scattered across the world wide web, however the truly discerning music consumer will want to stream The Forever Syndrome from to know what kind of product he or she is getting.

Also, remember that the actual CD itself will be out September 26th. Online purchasing will be available via the usual locations (i.e.: and CD Baby). As of now, it is not yet determined whether or not the purchase of individual songs via digital download will be available. It’s best to have the physical copy for the awesome artwork anyhow – you can always rip the tracks if you want MP3s. Us independent musicians don’t install root kits and shady DRM schemes on your computers like some people do.